Alaska has been on my bucket list for years. I always thought of it as the wildest place on earth. And I wanted to experience the pristine wilderness, freshly caught fish, gold mines and glaciers in the northernmost state of America. Alaska turned out to be more than I expected. We hiked a glacier, saw humpback whales and wild bears, hang out with local fisherman and even tried to pan for some gold. If you are in for a unique adventure, Alaska is unlike any other place in the US

The fall in the East Coast is getting chilly and we start to miss the sun and warm weather. If you are looking for a place where to extend your summer, I can suggest to spend a weekend in Sedona. It’s one of the most amazing naturals wonders I have seen in North America. Just 2 hour drive from Phoenix, Arizona and you have arrived to Sedona. Red rocks as far as eye can see, full of incredible colors and textures. This town looks like the perfect movie set and

One of the reasons I love Italy so much is its traditions and craftsmanship. Just imagine a family that does the same activity for generations. With intensions to master the craft, they pass the knowledge to their children and grandchildren. No mass production can beat the passion they put in the process of creating something spectacular, weather it’s a loaf of bread or luxury art object like Murano glass.    Day trip to Murano  If you are wondering what to see near Venice, Murano is worth a day trip. Not only you

Venice is extremely beautiful, but once you have seen the main attractions, wondered around the tiny streets and numerous canals, tiered of the tourist crowds, it’s time for a day trip to the colorful Burano. It’s one of the smaller islands surrounding Venice, but surely one of the most colorful fishing villages in all Mediterranean. Most known for it’s colorful buildings, beautiful canals and world famous Burano lace.    Where is colorful Burano?  45 minute boat ride from Venice, you will arrive to the most colorful of the islands. With

Romantic visions of Venetian gondoliers in black and white stripes rowing couples beneath the bridges of Venice. This is probably the most iconic image of the city built on water. Movies make us think that taking gondola ride is the most romantic thing to do in Venice. But in reality the rides are pretty expensive, 20 minutes will cost you 80€. And most probably your gondolier will shout back and forth with other gondolier friends without trying to make you feel special. Of course the romantic singing experience will cost you extra.

Would you rather have an average meal in a beautiful restaurant or an amazing meal in a humble eatery? If you choose the latter, keep reading, we have some great travel Italy tips when it comes to food. 25 Travel Stories travel blog will share with you Venice best restaurants known for the food, not for fancy interiors. Great vacation for me is not just amazing places and great adventures but as well some really good food. It’s almost as important as all the other components mentioned above. Good meal that tells you a story about the place you are visiting is a cherry on the

Even if you haven’t been to Venice before, most probably you already have an idea about this city. You have seen it in movies, glamorous magazines and photos of your friends. But seeing it on TV or in pictures is one thing, you have to come and visit Venice to experience it’s magic, so go ahead and add it to your bucket list. Tiny streets, little bridges, run-down buildings and endless canals with singing gondoliers. Venice is like an elegant old lady, proud and good looking with all it’s wrinkles and imperfections. I’m

I’m in the middle of the street raising my camera above the heads of hundred other photographers trying to get that one perfect shot. I don’t hear the cars honking. The traffic light has changed from green to red but seems that nobody care. As a result the street is blocked by hundreds of people trying to capture the few minutes of pure magic called Manhattanhenge.  Twice a year Manhattan offers the coolest sunset of the year. It’s an unbelievably beautiful view when the sunset is exactly aligned with the grid

One thing you can’t deny about Greece, it has some of the worlds most amazing islands, if you add to that the climate, the fantastic Greek food, the hospitality of local people and amazing views wherever you go, these islands are made for unforgettable vacations. Most people know the famous islands like Santorini, Crete and Mykonos. But if you are looking for a fresh, unspoiled and crowd free Greek island, visit Chios. Few years ago we visited friends who owned a summer home there. We spent and amazing long weekend

I have been to Salt Lake City couple of times now, but just because it’s a great starting point to explore the beautiful Utah natural parks and get to the world class skiing resorts. Last time we ended up here on a Ski weekend and before getting back to the airport we had couple of hours to kill and were thinking of what to see in the city. Searching for an inspiration online and looking at the map, our friend pointed out the Great Salt Lake and it’s Antelope Island.

I remember the first time I tried oysters. It was on my first trip to Rome. In a small restaurant in the center of Rome, my sophisticated travel friend for an aperitif ordered us wine and few oysters. I was not an adventurous eater back then and didn’t know what to do with the weird looking mollusk. Should I scoop it out with a fork or just slurp out of the shell? Should I bite it, chew it or just swallow as is? I remember it tasted like the bottom of

Spring is in the air and New York City is becoming especially beautiful. If you are looking for a great place to spend a relaxing day and to be amazed by the clouds of pink cherry blossoms, visit Brooklyn Botanic garden. It’s in peak time right now so hurry up and go to see the absolutely amazing natures treat. Cherry Blossom Festival Brooklyn Botanic Garden BBG Cherry Esplanade is a broad green field with two allies of beautiful cherry trees. Seventy two double-flowered trees create this amazing spring display. While most cherry

Some call it Italy’s hidden treasure and some jewel of Liguria. Porto Venere is an Italian Riviera village known for it’s picturesque harbor, colorful houses and for San Pietro Church, perched on the edge of the rock.    History Porto Venere Built by Romans it dates back to at least the middle of the first century. During Roman time it was a small fishing village but later used as a navy base. Along with the nearby Cinque Terre, it’s one of Northern Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Chosen for being distinguished

With 365 gorgeous beaches, Antigua is the perfect place for a weekend full of sun, tan and relaxation. All beaches are open to public, but finding the best can take you all vacation, so we rounded up our favorites. The criteria – to escape the cruise ship crowds and find a beautiful secluded bay with calm waters and powdery white sand. If you are looking for a guide to Antigua’s best beaches, here are 6 of our favorite spots on the island. Antigua best beaches 6. Dickenson Bay Antigua best beaches Just north

Want to know where Eric Clapton, Oprah and Giorgio Armani spend their vacations? Couple of weeks ago we decided to escape the cold East Coast winter and get a healthy dose of vitamin D in sun kissed Antigua. Home to many celebrities, it’s an island with peaceful beach towns, plenty of beautiful bays, white sands and turquoise waters and great spots for swimming, diving, fishing, sailing or any other water related activity. Hanging out on the bach is fun, but make sure you include some of these spots in your Antigua

Steamed Mussels in Tomato Broth Inspired by our favorite seafood restaurant Culls & Pistols in New York, I wanted to make one of our favorite items from their menu home. 3o minutes to a delicious dinner on a busy night? Yes, thats all you need for this easy recipe of steamed mussels in tomato broth. Ingredients: steamed mussels in tomato broth 2 lb / 1kg mussels 1 small yellow onion 3 cloves garlic 1 cup diced fresh or canned tomatoes 1 Spanish style chorizo sausage 1 cup dry white wine

Are you planning to visit Istanbul and thinking of all the places you could possibly see while there? I hope you have plenty of time because Istanbul has so much to offer. Would you like to see the 4th largest diamond in the world? Or one of the biggest churches in the world or Worlds largest crystal chandelier? Istanbul is full of surprises. Here are 9 of my favorite places I would suggest anybody to visit. 1. Hagia Sophia visit Istanbul  One of my absolutely favorite places in Istanbul. Maybe because we were

I’m still surprised how much I loved Istanbul. It was not on my bucket list, but when the opportunity of a business trip came, I was excited to spend couple of days in this beautiful city. Rich in culture, interesting geographical location and great food, I had enough reasons to be curious. But I have to admit, I was not just excited but as well worried. The situation in Turkey is not the easiest right now and millions of thoughts were running through my head before we left. It was the

It’s 6 am in the morning and after a long flight from New York we have finally arrived in Istanbul. I’m watching the grey and rainy panorama through the taxi window and thinking of all the places I want to see in the unique city where Europe meets Asia. As we arrive to the hotel, polite gentlemen in dove grey uniforms greet us murmuring “Welcome to Pera Palace Istanbul”. The sweet benefits of business travel, you get to stay in some of the worlds most amazing hotels and this is one

Did you know that Italy has the most Unesco World Heritage sites per square mile than any other country in the world? Some of them you already know like historical center of Florence, Rome, Naples and Verona. But have you heard of Ravenna? If yes, you have discovered one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Ravenna is a hidden north Italian gem, one of the least known but most interesting cities in Italy, built around 700 BC most probably by Etruscans, it was once a capital of Western Roman Empire. Ravenna is one

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