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Antigua best beaches

With 365 gorgeous beaches, Antigua is the perfect place for a weekend full of sun, tan and relaxation. All beaches are open to public, but finding the best can take you all vacation, so we rounded up our favorites. The criteria – to escape the cruise ship crowds and find a beautiful secluded bay with calm waters and powdery white sand. If you are looking for a guide to Antigua’s best beaches, here are 6 of our favorite spots on the island. Antigua best beaches

6. Dickenson Bay Antigua best beaches

Just north from St John’s Dickenson Bay is a busy stretch of sand, full with resort guests or visitors from cruise ships. Not the right place if you are looking for a secluded bay, but just right if you are interested in any water activities. They offer anything from parasailing to banana boats and jet skis. Plenty of umbrellas and beach chairs available for rent, full of vendors selling beachwear, jewelry, sunglasses or coconut drinks and souvenirs. This was so far from the perfect Antigua beach we were looking for , that we checked it out, had a good walk and moved to the next beach.

Antigua best beaches

5. Turners Beach

Long wide beach, usually frequented by cruise ship passengers. Little deserted and abandoned while off season, but perfect for spectacular sunset watching without crowds. Take your partner, blanket, bottle of wine and enjoy the gorgeous pink and purple sunset colors.

Antigua best beachesAntigua best beaches

4. Darkwood Beach

Crystal clear waters, fine sand and great snorkeling make this beach a popular choice. Full service restaurant, beach chairs and umbrellas available for rent. Family friendly as they have inflatable water attractions for kids. Its popular destination for cruise ship passengers so if you are looking for a quiet beach day, avoid the cruise ship days/hours.

Antigua best beaches

3. Fryes Point

Between the busy Jolly Harbor beach and Darkwood beach, you will find Ffryes beach, yes with double F. It’s a family friendly spot with calm waters, no tourist crowds and no amenities. As an added bonus right there on the beach is located Dennis Cocktail Bar that offers daily BBQ specials and tasty cocktails. Like most of the beautiful Antigua’s beaches, it’s ideal for snorkeling and sunset watching. On clear days you can see the volcanic Montserrat Island on the horizon.

Antigua best beachesFfryes beach Antigua

2. Half Moon Bay Antigua best beaches

A little rough but very beautiful spot. The stunning off the beaten path beach with fine pink sand is shaped like its name, perfect wide moon. You get plenty of waves here so it is a popular spot for surfers and body boarding fans, on good days, the waves can be 5 to 6 feet. I was surprised that the actual beach area was really tiny, but learned it has been washed away by previous storms. No shade and limited facilities, but there is a restaurant close by.  Many locals and Antigua’s visitors have picked this  as their favorite beach on the island.

Antigua Half Moon BayHalf Moon Bay

1. Crab Hill Beach – our favorite Antigua beach

This is my favorite beach in Antigua. We found it by accident on a cloudy day looking for a place to have a breakfast. Since the beach restaurants were closed and the sun decided to come out, we stayed.

For good 4 hours we were the only people on this beach. Once the local restaurant opened, people started to arrive and we started to be hungry. Decided to stop for a lunch in the nicely decorated Jacqui O’s, beautiful setting with view on the sea, waiters with big warm smiles and attentive owner. We were surprised of the little gem we have found. And then the food arrived, not only it was garnished to the perfection but it tasted like heaven. Fresh Greek salad, juicy ceviche, perfectly grilled octopus and amazing cocktails, it all came with excellent presentation of each plate and attention to every smallest detail.

What could be the best end of a perfect beach day? A perfect meal in Jacqui O’s Beach House. Added bonus – for their dining guests the large circular beach chairs are available for $9 only, for non dining guests $35 when available. One way or other it’s a great deal and beautiful beach to spend a day or two. And have a lunch or two.

Crab Hill BeachCrab Hill BeachCrab Hill Beach

Hanging out on the beach is fun, but make sure you include some of these spots in your Antigua visit.

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