A day trip to colorful Burano, Italy

Colorful Burano

Venice is extremely beautiful, but once you have seen the main attractions, wondered around the tiny streets and numerous canals, tiered of the tourist crowds, it’s time for a day trip to the colorful Burano. It’s one of the smaller islands surrounding Venice, but surely one of the most colorful fishing villages in all Mediterranean. Most known for it’s colorful buildings, beautiful canals and world famous Burano lace.

Burano Italy Burano Italy Burano Italy

Where is colorful Burano? 

45 minute boat ride from Venice, you will arrive to the most colorful of the islands. With 3000 inhabitants and much less tourists than Venice, it makes a relaxing day trip. Burano, just like Venice is considered to be one island, but actually it consists from 4 different islands, separated by picturesque canals and tiny bridges. Each house is decorated with personal touches, flower boxes and striped curtains to protect from the summer heat.


Burano Italy  Burano Italy Burano Italy

Why the houses are so colorful?

Many years ago each family painted their home in different color to differentiate from the neighbors. The bright colors also helped fishermen to see them from the sea or find their home after they had a drink or two 🙂

Even today, if locals want to paint their house, they have to submit a request to the city hall, who accordingly to the coloring system dating back to 16th century will decide what colors may be used.

Burano Italy Burano Italy  Burano day trip-52

The tradition of lace making

Burano is also famous for it’s lace. The first lace made on the island dates back to 1500. Almost exclusively made by woman, lace is an extraordinary artisanal product. The art or lacemaking has been handed down from generations, from mother to daughter, and requires special manual skills.

Burano lace Burano lace

We like Dalla Lidia Merletti d’Arte store, located on the main street. They make everything from beautiful napkins, table clothes, bed linens to modern shoes, purses and even dresses in lace. It’s the oldest store in Burano with beautiful lace museum showcasing rare and precious pieces dating back to 1500. Make sure you walk through the store and got to the back room to see the collection of ancient pieces, they perfectly showcase the exquisite hand made lace made only in Burano. Use the magnifiers to see the extraordinary details of every single piece.

Burano lace Burano lace  Burano lace Burano lace

Truly hand made lace is labor intensive and very expensive. Be aware there are plenty of places selling lace imported from China. If you want to buy some souvenirs, stick to the local stores. We were lucky to witness one of the woman working in the garden, it’s incredible how labor intensive the work is.  But the pieces they create are absolutely stunning and unique.

Burano lace Burano lace

Where to eat in Burano?

Because Burano is a working fisherman island, you will get super fresh sea food here. Restaurants here are less touristic than in Venice and you have good chances to get an amazing meal.

We followed suggestion of a salesman in Murano glass store, he suggested to have a lunch at the historic Trattoria Da Romano and try their signature dish Go fish risotto. It’s kind of hard to explain what go fish is so the waiters were so kind to bring us the fish to show. Rather ugly lagoon fish with fat meat, too small to be cooked in any other way, but perfect to give flavor to this risotto. Even Anthony Bourdain had visited Trattoria Da Romano to try the Gó fish risotto.

Burano Italy

Burano Italy

Burano Italy Burano Italy

The best rule when eating in Italian restaurants – dont’ look at the menu, take what the waiter is suggesting. They are very proud of their specialty dishes and always happy to give suggestions when asked.

Burano is a picture perfect day trip from Venice. Make your Instagram fans jealous with gorgeous pictures of the tiny houses in all the rainbow colors. I hope you will have a chance to enjoy it too.

Burano Italy Burano Italy Burano Italy Burano Italy

Burano ItalyBurano Italy Burano Italy

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