Manhattanhenge 2016

Manhattanhenge 2016

I’m in the middle of the street raising my camera above the heads of hundred other photographers trying to get that one perfect shot. I don’t hear the cars honking. The traffic light has changed from green to red but seems that nobody care. As a result the street is blocked by hundreds of people trying to capture the few minutes of pure magic called Manhattanhenge. 

Twice a year Manhattan offers the coolest sunset of the year. It’s an unbelievably beautiful view when the sunset is exactly aligned with the grid of the city’s streets. Manhattanhenge 2016 happened few days ago and this time it offered two gorgeous sunsets instead of one. And both days I got to experience few minutes of golden magic.

Manhattanhenge 2016 Manhattanhenge 2016 Manhattanhenge 2016

To tell the truth, it was crazy and amazing at the same time. For ten minutes the main crosses of the biggest New York streets were frozen. Professional and amateur photographers with all size cameras got almost suicidal standing in the middle of the streets trying to get the perfect shot of the sunset. Not to mention thousands of iPhone photographers trying to capture the view and few other thousands just trying to figure out what all this craze is about. And yes, good luck driving through the city during Manhattanhenge.

Then, as quickly as it begun, Manhattanhenge was over and the city returned to it’s normal life.

Manhattanhenge 2016 Manhattanhenge 2016

Manhattanhenge was inspired by a similar happening in Stonehenge, 5000 years old prehistoric monument in England. Once a year the sun rises in perfect alignment with the stones.

When will it happen again?

Next time you will be able to see Manhattanhenge around May 29th 2017 and around July 11th 2017. The exact dates change every year so make sure to check in advance if you plan to visit New York to see this phenomenon.

Where is the best place to photograph Manhattanhenge?

Manhattanhenge 2016 Manhattanhenge 2016

The best streets are 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd and 57th. My favorites would be 34th where you can get Empire State Building in your shot,  or 42nd street with Madame Tussauds or Chrysler Building. One of the best spots is the overpass on 42nd near Grand Central station. You will be able to capture the sunset without risking your life in middle of the traffic.

Experts say that absolutely the best spot to capture Manhattanhenge is on the overhang at the cross of 42nd street near 1st Av. You will get the perfect view with Chrysler Building in it. Unfortunately this spot is always crowded as some of the photographers show up early afternoon to reserve best spots.

Want to learn how to take pictures of Manhattanhenge? I found this article extremely helpful.

Have you seen Manhattanhenge? Do you have any tips to share?

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