Murano Glass, The Stunning Venetian Art

Murano glass

One of the reasons I love Italy so much is its traditions and craftsmanship. Just imagine a family that does the same activity for generations. With intensions to master the craft, they pass the knowledge to their children and grandchildren. No mass production can beat the passion they put in the process of creating something spectacular, weather it’s a loaf of bread or luxury art object like Murano glass. 

Murano glass Murano glass

Day trip to Murano 

If you are wondering what to see near Venice, Murano is worth a day trip. Not only you will see another beautiful island, but as well you will have the chance to experience the fascinating Murano Glass making tradition. Since this craft has been passed down for generations, it has a long history. Murano islands reputation as a center of glass making was born in 1291. At that time the Venetian Republic was fearing fire and the destruction of the city’s wooden buildings, and ordered glassmakers to move their factories to Murano. Thats where all the traditional artistic methods were born and developed over a thousand years ago and are still alive today.

Murano glass Murano glass

Visit Murano glass factory 

More than 100 glass makers are working on the island today. In fact they are working hand in hand to prepare, shape, fuse and cool the glass, creating some of the most admirable pieces of art. You can just walk around and browse the boutiques that look like art museums. Or you can visit the factories to observe the production process. Some of the larger factories offer free glass blowing demonstrations. But if you stumble upon a smaller artisan workshop, it’s even better. Most likely they will welcome you and allow to watch. Definitely it’s magical to see how piece of sand transforms in beautiful glass object just in front of your eyes. 

Murano glass Murano glass Murano glass

Where to buy Murano glass

If you are looking for beautiful souvenirs, Murano Glass is a perfect gift for a friend or for yourself. Depending on your budget you can choose one-of-a-kind pieces or more affordable glass art. In the small boutique stores you can find anything starting from earrings, wine glasses to large vases, candle holders and luxurious chandeliers. 

Murano glass

You don’t have to spend fortune in Murano, there are different price levels. I asked to the sales men, why there are numerous rooms with glass pieces that cost thousands of dollars and then you can find items below 100$ mark. Appears it all depends on who has created the piece. You will pay more for a famous glass artist or one-of-a-kind piece. And much less for pieces created in large quantities or by the young guys just learning the craft.

Since we are decorating our home right now, I wanted to pick a piece that would remind us about Murano. And I found a large deep blue vase with small bubbles inside. It was beautiful and perfect for our new home and it costed me 70€. Not a bad deal for an authentic Murano glass made by a student learning the craft.

Murano glass

Beware of counterfeits

If you are coming from Venice, you have probably noticed the colorful glass products in all the souvenir shops. No matter how much you want to spend, make sure you buy original Murano glass. Unfortunately many of the souvenirs sold in Venice come from China. So make sure the item you are planning to buy has an authenticity certificate. Murano Glass has created a special seal to attach to authentic items. Always search for this mark on all glass objects. After all you want to support Italian economy and not Chinese. As well you have have a look at This official website that lists all the glass companies you can buy original art from. 

Murano glass Murano glass

Strong tradition, incredible excellence and long history – that’s what Murano glass is about. It’s a very unique, extraordinary manual work that belongs just to the island of Murano and has become a symbol of Venetian art. Plan a day trip from Venice to explore this beautiful island and its tradition of glassmaking. You can plan a day trip around Murano and include as well Burano for another colorful stop.

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