How I fell in love with oysters


I remember the first time I tried oysters. It was on my first trip to Rome. In a small restaurant in the center of Rome, my sophisticated travel friend for an aperitif ordered us wine and few oysters.

I was not an adventurous eater back then and didn’t know what to do with the weird looking mollusk. Should I scoop it out with a fork or just slurp out of the shell? Should I bite it, chew it or just swallow as is? I remember it tasted like the bottom of a sea and I found nothing luxurious in this experience.

Fast forward 5 years and I’m having lunch in Sicily. A simple Italian Pescheria in the middle of Catania’s fish market, couple of plastic tables, next to us fisherman selling fresh fish,  noise coming from man grinding ice, strong smell of fish everywhere. My taste was a little more developed by then and we ordered some raw seafood plates. Ultra fresh shrimp, scallops and fish sashimi, all of that absolutely amazing. I had no intentions to order oysters, but a fisherman comes in with a bag of freshly caught oysters, the owner rushes to shuck them open and give to taste to each of the guests sitting at the tables. I was forced to give oysters another shot. And I’m glad I did. This was the first time I discover that oyster is an explosion, the culmination of any seafood taste you can imagine. Raw, salty and juicy, coming from the rough hands of a local fisherman convinced me and my taste buds that this is the royalty of the seas.


Today I’m trying to find a good place where to enjoy oysters here in New York. Back in a day NYC was the capital of oysters, they were so popular and bountiful it actually was a street food you could get in all ways, row, baked, deep fried etc. Today a luxury food but it’s the oyster happy hour that makes them more enjoyable again.

Stay tuned for my next post about the best oyster happy hours in NYC.

What are your relationships with oysters? Is it a love story or you are “not official” yet?

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