Swimming with pigs in Bahamas

Swimming Pigs Bahamas

Swimming with dolphins or sharks is exotic. But how about swimming with wild pigs?

After seeing pictures online with the wild pigs swimming in crystal clear waters and hanging out on the beach, I had another reason to add Bahamas to my bucket list.

Swimming Pigs Bahamas-1Swimming Pigs Bahamas

It was not easy to figure out how to get there. Could we see the pigs in a day trip from Nassau? Where is Exuma island and how to get there? Which tour company to use? If you are interested in seeing the Bahamas swimming pigs, keep reading, we have answered all these questions for you.

These are for sure the cleanest pigs I have ever seen. To cool down they don’t roll in mud but take a bath in the fresh Caribbean waters. As soon as the pigs hear the boat approaching they run in the water and swim to the boat waiting for food. Be sure to bring them some snacks, bread or crackers will make them happy and will give you plenty of photo opportunities.  No reason to be afraid, they are very cute and friendly.

Bahamas Swimming Pigs Exuma Swimming Pigs

Approximately 20 pigs, black, brown and pink, 200 pound ones and small piglets call this inhabited island home. How did the pigs get to the Exuma? The story is not clear. Some say a group of sailors dropped the pigs off to be cooked later, the sailors never returned, but the pigs stayed and adapted perfectly to the island living. Another legend says the pigs are survivors of a shipwreck and managed to swim to shore. The pigs are now fed by locals and tourists and the island is unofficially called Pig Island.

Exuma Swimming Pigs Exuma Swimming Pigs-44

If you have already thought about visiting this island, swimming with pigs is another reason to ad Bahamas to your bucket list. Are you interested? Swimming pigs Bahamas, we are coming! 

Swimming Pigs Bahamas-1-2 Exuma Swimming Pigs-53

How to get to Exuma?

Fly into Exuma airport (Georgetown), there are frequent flights from Nassau with Bahamas Air or Sky Bahamas that will cost you around $200 round-trip. If you want to skip Nassau and fly straight to Exuma, check flights with Delta, American Airlines or Air Canada. There are no boats and no tours that would allow you to see the Swimming Pigs in a day trip from Nassau. Exuma is beautiful place and you should spend couple of days exploring it.

Swimming pigs Bahamas

The tour:

If you don’t own a boat, you will have to find a travel agency that will take you to the swimming pigs. As everything else in Bahamas it’s expensive. There are 2 major companies that offers these tours. Four C’s that usually gets recommended by locals and Coastline Adventures. We used the Four C’s. Day trip costs around $160 + 7.5% tax. If you want to save 5% credit card fee, bring cash. Soft drinks and water are included, buffet lunch will cost you another $25 per person (drinks excluded) and another $10 to get off the boat at Compass Cay where you can swim with nurse sharks. The tour starts with a visit of “rich and famous” area of private islands, Starfish Bay where you can easily spot rather big sea stars, visit of absolutely beautiful Sand Bar. As well you will have the chance to snorkel, feed Iguanas and of course meet the Exuma swimming pigs.

Swimming Pigs Bahamas

Got any questions? Swimming Pigs Bahamas

Feel free to contact us, leave a comment and we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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