10 exciting things to do in Exuma Bahamas

Exuma Bahamas

If you are looking for an unforgettable weekend in Caribbean, gorgeous beaches, little adventure and lot’s of beautiful memories, we have a place for you. The few days we spent in Exuma felt like being in paradise, we got to play with Sting Rays, visit gorgeous Sand Bar, feed Iguanas, taste the Conch salad for the first time, and of course swim with the world famous pigs of Exuma.

If you are not a fan of big resorts, crowded beaches and cruise ship entertainment, you will like Exumas, one of the lesser known island in Bahamas. Summer home to such celebrities as Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage and David Copperfield, Exuma is the total opposite of better known Nassau. No big resorts here, no casinos, no cruise ships, a perfect spot for a relaxing and blissful weekend.

Exuma Swimming Pigs-20

Here are 10 reasons you should come and visit Exuma Bahamas. Swimming with wild pigs, feeding Iguanas and playing with sting rays are just few of them.

1. The beaches are gorgeous and crowd free.

Imagine miles of powder white sand and turquoise water, no beach vendors, no bars or restaurants, and nobody else around, just you. The most beautiful beach on the island is called Tropic of Cancer, located on Little Exuma it is the longest beach on the island. How many other tourists can you spot in the pictures below? That’s right, none. It was one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen.

Exuma Swimming Pigs-67 Exuma Swimming Pigs-69

2. Spend a relaxing day on Stocking Island

Short boat ride (12$ per person) from Georgetown, you will find Stocking Island, home of the famous Chat N Chill beach bar and grill. They serve specials like conch burgers, barbecue ribs and lots of specialty cocktails. Not the best spot for beach, but great place to hang out. Sundays they organize a pig roast.

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3. Try Conch salad 

Are you adventurous eater? If you have ever visited one of Bahamas islands, you probably have had or heard about Conch salad – Bahamas version of ceviche. Fresh conch prepared in lime juice, tomatoes, peppers and onions are the only ingredients in this chevy and fresh tasting local salad. Here on Stocking Island you can watch the preparation process or try to get the conch out of the shell yourself.

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4. Play with Sting Rays

While you wait for the conch salad on Stocking Island, you can feed sting rays that come right up to the beach, they are so used to getting food from people, they will eat off your hand.

Exuma Swimming Pigs-11 Exuma Bahamas

5. Starfish

If you choose to go for the Swimming Pigs tour, one of the stops is at Starfish Bay. The water is so shallow there that you will spot them easily. You can pick them up as long as you don’t keep them out of water for too long. What a beautiful creature!

Exuma Swimming Pigs-21 

6. Feed Iguanas

This was so much fun! Part of the Swimming Pigs tour we had a stop at this inhabited island where Iguanas live. Probably around 100 iguanas hanging out on the beach waiting for tourists (equal to food). They fight for the food, jump to get a bite, really fun to watch.

Exuma Swimming Pigs-60 Exuma Swimming Pigs-57 Exuma Swimming Pigs-55

7. Visit a Sand Bar

Another beautiful spot included in the day trip to Pig Island was visit of a sand bar. Surreal spot in the middle of sea created by a low tide.

Exuma Swimming Pigs-39 IMG_2796-2

8. Swim with the pigs

Let’s admit, I went to the island to see the pigs. And probably the main reason why you have thought about coming to Exuma is the swimming pigs. It’s a unique experience, don’t miss it. More on the Pig Island read here.

Swimming Pigs Bahamas-1

9. Try a local fish fry Exuma Bahamas 

You have to try some of the George town fish fry locations. Check where the most of locals gather, and go there for an authentic Bahamian meal. Try fresh fish, beef or conch salad.

Exuma Swimming Pigs-2

10. Santana’s Bar and Grill is the best meal in Exuma Bahamas 

If you have decided to spend a day on the Tropic of Cancer beach, you should plant to have a lunch stop in the Santana’s Bar and Grill. It gets great reviews from almost every person who visits. We had perfectly cooked lobster and their signature onion topping is delicious.

Exuma Swimming Pigs-71 Exuma Swimming Pigs-72 Exuma Swimming Pigs-73

Where to stay Exuma Bahamas 

Exuma has few options where to stay, Augusta Bay had a good “value for money”. The people working there are extremely nice and helpful with booking tours, renting a car or getting cab.

Exuma Bahamas

Have we convinced you to visit Bahamas?
Would you ever go for a swim with pigs?

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