10 things to do in Santorini

Planning to spend a weekend in Santorini but not sure what to do? Don’t worry, we have done the job for you and put together a list with things you should see and do while visiting Santorini. Whether you have a weekend, week or just few hours to spend in Santorini, try to include at least few of these things in your “To Do” list.

Here are our 9 favorite things to do in Santorini and one thing you definitely should not do.

1.Enjoy sunsets

Enjoy the world famous Santorini sunsets. Whether you want to go with the crowds and see the sunset in Oia, to go for a sunset cruise or enjoy it from your hotel room, every single sunset we sow in Santorini was absolutely amazing. The sky turns in all shades of reds, oranges, yellows and pinks and gives a beautiful reflection on the whitewashed buildings. Were are the best spots to see sunset in Santorini? Click here


2. Go for a hike

If you are up for a little exercise while watching one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, hike in Santorini. We suggest as a “must do” to hike from Fira to Oia, distance 8.9km / 5.5 miles it will take you 2,5-3h but you will see gorgeous small villages, old churches, tiny streets and the rewarding views on the caldera. For beautiful views and waterfront lunch or dinner, take a path 300 steps down from Oia to the tiny fishing village Amoudi Bay. It has some great tavernas where you can enjoy the catch of the day or go to one of the best swimming spots on the island.

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3. Climb Skaros Rock

Another great hike is to Skaros Rock in Fierostefani village. It’s one of the most impressive spots of Santorini, a little peninsula with a 20m high rock. In the past this has been an important fortress to protect the island from pirates. On the way up there you will notice remains of old cave houses reminding of what surrounded the rock in the past. To get to the very top will require some climbing, but the views are worth it. This hike from Fierostefani will take you about an hour.

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When you return, search for a second path and some 200 steps down you will find a remote chapel – white church standing all alone with magical views on the caldera.


4. Take a boat ride

Santorini is known for it’s sailing, whether you choose a yacht or a catamaran tour, you will get to see the unique volcanic landscape from the sea with an opportunity to jump off the boat to hot springs or hike an active volcano. As an added bonus, the sunset from a boat while your captain is serving dinner feels amazing.

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5. Spend a day on the beach

Beaches in Santorini are so different from everything you have seen before. Don’t expect powdery white sand and turquoise color water. The beach is mysterious black here. Due to their volcanic origin, the sand is dramatic black and the waters are deep blue. The steep cliffs provide an amazing scenery and makes your beach day picture perfect. One of the most popular beaches on the island is the Red Beach, the red sand comes from the red lava and makes this beach very unique and usually very crowded. Thanks to it’s unique color it’s the most famous beach in Santorini. We tried Vlychada beach next to a charming fishing village where you will find few bars and restaurants as well. The pitch black sand and impressive rocks just above the beach makes it look like a lunar landscape.

Santorini-99Santorini beachesSantorini Red Beach

6. Have a dinner with a view

To learn more about another country and culture you need to experience the local food. In Santorini on top of the freshest seafood and vegetables, you can experience the real meaning of dining with a view. Not every day you have the option to dine with one of the best views on earth. So at least for one dinner, choose a place that has a nice terrace overlooking caldera, book a table right before the sunset and enjoy your meal and the view. Try some of Santorini specialties like fried tomato balls or Fava, Souvlaki, Moussaka or the simple but so delicious greek salad.


7. Spend a day in Oia

The postcard perfect town of Santorini you have seen and imagined long before you got here. Oia is the most beautiful and the most busy town of the island. White houses, blue shutters, pink flowers and spectacular views. Your Instagram friends will be gealous.

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8. Get a fish pedicure

Yes it might sound little weird, but fish pedicures are popular in Santorini. So what is a fish pedicure? Hundreds of Garry Rufa fish also called doctor fish will crowd around your feet and suck away dry skin to stimulate blood flow. 10 minutes cost 10€ but it’s worth the fun.

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9. Relax

Sometimes you just need to do nothing at all. Santorini is perfect for couple of blissful days lounging around. Enjoy the views, go for a meal, take a dip in a swimming pool, then repeat. Do as the greeks do, take it easy!


And for the last, a tip what not to do

10. Don’t ride a donkey

When visiting Santorini might seem a romantic idea to have a traditional donkey ride, but we urge you not to. Often abused and mistreated, walking the rough stairs up and down at least 7 times a day in extreme sun and without sufficient food and water, the donkeys are working in cruel conditions. Save yourself 5€ and go for a walk or take a cable car, but don’t contribute to abusing those poor animals.

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We hope you are planning a trip to Santorini soon. Let us know in comments below what would you like to do the most while visiting this beautiful island.

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