Venice best restaurants loved by locals

Venice best restaurants

Would you rather have an average meal in a beautiful restaurant or an amazing meal in a humble eatery? If you choose the latter, keep reading. We will share with you Venice best restaurants known for the food, not for fancy interiors.

Great vacation for me is not just amazing places and great adventures but as well some really good food. It’s almost as important as all the other components mentioned above. Good meal that tells you a story about the place you are visiting is a cherry on the cake. Venice best restaurants were no exception, they were a part of learning about the Venetian lifestyle and long history.

Venice Best Restaurants

Remember years ago when internet did not exist and we had to pick a restaurant? We used to follow our instincts and look for a place that inspired us and seemed to have good atmosphere and hopefully good food. Or even better, we used to ask local people for an advice. Best restaurants Venice. 

Today you can easily find a great place to eat, travel guides are full with advices, TripAdvisor, Yelp and other sites have hundreds of customer reviews to consider before picking a place to eat.

I have been taking review sites too seriously lately. It has turned almost in obsession to find the best meal possible. Most of the time, we have been lucky and had some pretty amazing meals. But on our last trip to Venice, we had a couple disappointing meals in highly rated restaurants. So I decided to go back to the old ways and ask locals for Venice best restaurants. And they were AMAZING!

Venice best restaurants

It’s not easy to find an authentic and affordable meal in Venice. Here you will find a list with the best Venice restaurants that don’t cater for the tourist crowds but to locals.

Marchini Time

Campo S. Luca, 4598, 30124 Venezia, Italy

St Marco neighborhood

You can’t go wrong with a place full of locals. The real Italian standing breakfast, excellent espresso and some pretty amazing pastries. It’s not too far from the main touristic objects like St Marco square and Rialto bridge.

Best Restaurants Venice
Casual lunch spots

You can’t leave Venice without trying the famous Cicchetti. Pronounced “chee-ket-eeh” it’s the Venetian answer to Spanish tapas. Small plates of food, usually enjoyed with a glass of wine or Spritz. You can find Ciccheti in small local bars and it’s authentic and affordable lunch for locals (1€ to 3€ a piece).

All’ Arco

San Polo, 1451, 30125 Venezia VE

near Ponte Rialto

One of Venetian most loved Ciccheti spots. Tiny standing room, there is no menu but you can choose anything you see behind the glass counter. Fresh ingredients used to create ever-changing tapas. Creamy cod, sardines, anchovies and octopus are just few of the choices they offer. As well they have nice wine selection. Arrive early for lunch in order to get one of the small tables on the side street.

Birreria Zanon

Fondamenta Ormesini, 2735, 30121 Venezia, Italy

Cannaregio area close to the Jewish Ghetto

Another great Ciccheti spot that features small slices of bread with different toppings. Try the pate and creamy cod, they are amazing. As well they have great beer selection, 3 kinds of different Spritz and funny poster decorations.

Best Restaurants Venice

Venice best restaurants for dinner
Paradiso Perduto

Fondamenta della Misericordia, 2540, 30121 VE, Italy

Cannaregio area close to the Jewish Ghetto

Make sure to book a table as the place gets crowded in evenings. This lively and noisy Osteria serves typical Venetian dishes, generous portions of fish and home-made pasta. In summer they have a couple of tables outside just by the canal. We visited this place with our American friends that wanted to order Lasagna, but you could tell the waiter cared so much of offering us the authentic Venetian meal, he kindly asked us to reconsider and choose some local dishes we couldn’t get anywhere else. And he was so right, the typical antipasto platter was incredible, the grilled fish was cooked to perfection and their home-made pasta Cacio e Pepe prepared table-side and stirred in the Pecorino cheese wheel was amazing. Even though it’s a Roman recipe, the presentation and the way they serve it was worth it.

Al Vecio Bragrosso

Residenza Cannaregio, 30131 Venezia, Italy

Cannaregio area

Seafood, seafood and seafood. Typical Venetian restaurant that serves the freshest seafood in all kind of varieties from the near by fish market. Start with the raw selection, shrimps, tuna, oysters, sea bass and others. Then try one of their pasta dishes, all of them are amazing, but give a try to the excellent ravioli with seafood stuffing. Grilled fish, shellfish, mussels and so many tasty choices you will want to come back to try them all.

Ai Sportivi

Campo Santa Margherita, 3052, 30123 Venezia, Italy

Dorsoduro, University area

Not every day you want to eat fancy local foods. Sometimes you just crave a really good and simple pizza. Our hotel receptionist suggested Ai Sportivi for its good quality and affordable prices, and most important it’s place loved by locals. Located on a relatively tourist free piazza, the hangout place for local and international students. Try the garden seating in the back of the restaurant and watch your favorite team playing football on a big screen. It serves delicious paper-thin pizza with fresh ingredients. It was so tasty we had to order an extra pizza for the table, we could not get enough. And a nice touch of a free limoncello to finish the meal.

Venice best restaurants

Any favorites you would like to add?

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