Home sweet home. Winter in Latvia

There is no better place like home. And there are no better memories like the ones from your childhood. Remember how life was simple when we were kids? When your only task was to go outside and play? Winter in Latvia is beautiful and we get plenty of snow to play in.

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Don’t loose your inner child, don’t take yourself too serious! Go out and play! How about making some snow angels?

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Winter in Latvia

This beautiful place is Turaida Medieval Castle. Just one hour drive from the Latvian capital Riga, you can reach Turaida. An area, rich with archeological, architectural, historical and art monuments. One of my favorite and most beautiful sights is the red brick castle built in 1214. Climb the main tower for gorgeous views on the park around the castle.

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Winter is great season when to celebrate your family traditions. We like to decorate our outdoor Christmas tree with treats for animals to help them survive the cold winters.

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Perfect winter destination

Looking for a wonderful winter destination? Come to Latvia.

Still undiscovered by the tourism masses, my country will surprise you! Pristine beaches, mystical forests and lots of cultural and architectural jewels are waiting to be discovered.

The Latvian capital Riga is officially unveiled as the 2014 European Capital of Culture. Cobbled streets, marvelous art-nouveau architecture, historic old quarter and large parks – Riga has a special charm.

But Kuldiga is my very favorite place. Magnetic and magical. With its little streets lined by wooden houses, widest waterfall in Europe, bridges form 1880, the romantic town will charm its visitors.

This is Latvia’s moment. Visit before everyone else does.
Watch this video and you will understand why this is one of hottest new travel destinations! http://vimeo.com/61075821

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